How to build filter condition on "template" type field.



This article is about how to build a filter condition on "template" type of field on the "template" (sys_template) table. 

There is only very limited operator on the "template" field when you try to build a filter on it. 


You can use the List header filter to build the condition you want, the format is


If the field is a reference field, the value will be sys_id of the referenced record.

e.g. If try to find all the template which contains this condition "Business Service" is "PeopleSoft CRM"

Then open any template contains this condition, using the "show XML" and copy out the condition as a String. 

Then go back to the list view, search it in the List header search of the "template" field with this keyword "*business_service=2fca585e0a0a0bb400a949f8bb843712". 

Applicable Versions

All the versions.