Vulnerability integration run fails for NVD CVSS3.0 integration



 Vulnerability integration process for the vulnerability integration run gives the error message 'Import set complete with error' in the processing notes. The  corresponding import set that gets created will have no import set rows. The Vulnerability integration process record contains 'At least one import queue entry is in error. No more data to process at this  time.' error message 


NVD CVSS3.0 integration makes a call to this end point to get the zipped JSON file. 

This ZIP file decompresses into a 200MB+ JSON file, which is larger than the default platform limit of 100MB for JSON imports, which is why the import set fails to load the data. 


Increase the system property that controls this limit to 250MB or higher, in order to allow the import set system to correctly process it. 

This system property can be found under System Properties -> Import Export -> Import Properties -> JSON Format -> "Maximum file size for import (MB)".