Scripted fields not filling in for non-admin Users for the scoped applications



There is onload- client scripts which call the script-include and pre-populated the fields on the form. The fields are pre-populated for the admin user, but not working for non-admin users.

The back-end logs show the error message as "Security restrictions on script include: <Name of the Script Include>"


The non-admin user is not having access for the script include.


Need to create  "Client-callable script include ACL" for the script Include with the same name of script include. Follow the below steps to create ACL

1- Type ACL on the navigator filter

2- Go To System Security -> Access Control(ACL)

3- Click New

4- Chose Type as "client_callable_script_include", Operation as "execute", Name as "<Name of the Script Include>" used and save

Additional Information

Client-callable script include ACL rules