MID Server Autoupgrade is not able to handle Instance Rollbacks - MID Server doesn't downgrade again


MID server auto-upgrade checks the glide.war and glide.war.assigned and makes sure they are same, before continuing further with the upgrade process. This is done to ensure that MID Server does not undergo an early upgrade.

However, this breaks the desired behavior in a Upgrade Rollback scenario, where it is normal that those properties do not have the same value.

The MID Server does not downgrade to match the version of the rolled-back instance, and the auto-upgrade fails with "Unable to refresh packages. Platform upgrade is currently in progress. Will retry later. "

Steps to Reproduce

1/ Provision an Instance with a lower than latest patch version ( e.g. London Patch 7)
2/ Install a MID Server.
3/ Upgrade to the latest patch version (E.g. London Patch 8)
Note: MID Server autoupgrades to London Patch 8
4/ Rollback the upgrade from Rollback & Recovery > Recovery Contexts.

Note: MID Server autoupgrade fails with "Platform upgrade is currently in progress."

You will see the normal message along the top of the MID Server form, when the MID Server version soesn't match the instance. e.g.

Reported MID Server version 'london-06-27-2018__patch8-04-17-2019_04-17-2019_1026' differs from instance version 'london-06-27-2018__patch7-03-13-2019_04-02-2019_1803' though they are compatible.

While reviewing the agent logs you will encounter the below message:

StartupSequencer WARNING *** WARNING *** Unable to refresh packages. Platform upgrade is currently in progress. Will retry later.


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