[CMDB-Relationship Formatter] All the relationships are not showing up on formatter with tree view (sometimes fails at specific level) specially in legacy formatter



On a configuration item's relationship formatter there might be some/all relationships missing even though there are relations exists for that CI in cmdb_rel_ci table. This can occur on some specific level within the tree view.


All releases.




Below are some causes for the tree view not to show the relationships (any view actually).

  • Invalid relationships (Parent or Child CI on relationship record is empty)
  • Relationship with orphan parent/child in it.
  • Circular relationships (Like the same CI is being referred by another CI at some level like CI1 > CI2, CI2 > CI3, CI3 > CI1)

Having any of the above reasons, the formatter will stuck in loop and or fails in formatting and will not load the relationships.


  • Make sure there are no invalid relationships (first 1 and 2 causes).
  • Make sure there are no circular relationships.

Note: Recommended to use the new generation "CI Relations" formatter instead of older formatter "Legacy CI Relations".

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