[SAMP-Suites] How the suite components are determined and populated on software model



Having Software Asset Management Professional plugin activated, we may need to create/update some software models. When we change the DMAP (Discovery Map) on the form we may see some inconsistencies related to Suite Components section. Sometimes we see few records under this section and sometimes not. This article explains why this inconsistency, how do we populate these, etc

Details and Procedures

- Understanding How it works:

1# We have OOB tables Suite Definitions (samp_m2m_suite_entitlement_def) that have suite related data in it. This is coming from the content service and is not editable. And this table have the suite parent and suite child defined. Each parent does have few child in it. 

Example: DMAP0003844 

2# We have Discovery maps and each discovery map does have a field called "Suite Defined". It means that this is a parent suite and it does have some child suite components defined in it as mentioned in #1.

- How these suite components are being populated on the Software Discovery model. 
When we change the DMAP on the model and save it, there is a business rule named "Create pre-built suite components " that triggers. I will call some script include that basically checks if the DMAP have any suite components and does the above steps 1 and 2 and builds the related child components. 

Business Rule: Create pre-built suite components

- How to get these managed for custom DMAP. 
As these are read only, If you would like to manage them you can create a custom discovery map (DMAP) and attach the same components as needed including the custom ones. 

- What if you would like to get these DMAPs as OOB product. 
You can opt in to our "Software Asset Management content service" and our teams will review and take necessary actins if its approved. 

- What if you would like to Publish them immediately in Product itself. 
You can create a case to our ServiceNow Technical Support team and we will review internally and will do the needful based on that. 

Applicable Versions

Kingston ++

Additional Information

Software Asset Management content service

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