Knowledge articles not visible on Knowledge homepage or in "Search Knowledge"



Knowledge articles are not visible on Knowledge homepage or in "Search Knowledge" and an error was shown in browser console while checking the Articles by clicking on a knowledge base on Knowledge Homepage: "search error (status 400: a valid searcher configuration was not found for this request) ".

-> This error was thrown from backend Java file:


Madrid Patch 2


-> This error specifically points us to some searcher configuration missing out from the Contextual search configuration.


-> Verified the records in "Searchers" (cxs_searcher_config) & "Table Configurations" related to Knowledge are OOTB.

-> After making sure no irregular configurations were made, Re-activated the Plugin: "Contextual Search" and performed a

-> After this verified the issue was resolved i.e; customer was able to search the KB articles and get displayed in Knowledge Homepage.