Project Manager can still create Baseline even though ACLs and Create Baseline UI Action locked down to specific role



'Create new baseline' action does not recognize updated ACLs for pm_project_baseline or planned_task_baseline. Even though ACLs for these tables are updated to NOT allow users with 'project_manager'* from creating Baselines, this action is still possible for Project Managers in Planning Console using 'more options' method 

* legacy role for it_project_manager


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This is expected behavior. In order to prevent Users with 'project_manager' from seeing the 'Create new baseline' action noted above, there is a function in the Script Include 'PlanningConsoleSecurityValidator' that needs to be updated


Line 80:

createBaselineAccess: function() {
       return gs.hasRole('project_manager');

  1. Open the 'PlanningConsoleSecurityValidator' Script Include
  2. Scroll to line 80
  3. On line 81, replace 'project_manager' with your custom role/role of choice
  4. Save/Update

Additional Information

  • Note that this is considered a customization. Customizations are typically not supported by customer support.
  • 'PlanningConsoleSecurityValidator' only dictates if the 'Create new baseline' action is accessible/displayed. The Script Includes necessary for inserting/creating the Baseline record are 'PlanningConsoleAjax' and 'PmProject'. 'PmProject' is specifically the Script Include that inserts the Baseline record.