Pattern Designer JSON Parsing, Names can't start with numbers, punctuation and 'xml'


Discovery pattern fails.

In Pattern Log, it's showing error:
parsing input has failure, trying to attempt with prefeix <Root> 

In pattern debug, the step has below error popped: 
CUSTOM PARSING parsing strategy of output text failed due to an unsupported text format

JSON translator to XML was incorrect.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go into Advanced View for the Pattern Designer.
    2. Create a "Parse File Step."
    3. Enter Debug Mode with a Mid Server.
    4. Create a JSON file on a remote/host machine that breaks one of the following rules:

"value": [{
"tags": {
"2018Demo": "GartnerDemo"

5. Select that file on the debugger.
6. Retrieve File Content.


JSON translator needs to conform to valid XML standards:


Related Problem: PRB1341778