Dashboard Interactive filters preferences are not set/saved for user



Some users when apply the interactive filter on any dashboard/widget , though the filter is applied but the filter choices are not stored in the preferences for those users, hence when they navigate back to the dashboard the widget are loaded with the default filters.

Steps to reproduce: 
1. Impersonate the affected user
2. Open any Dashboard with interactive filters
3. Apply interactive filters
4. Navigate away from the dashboard
5. Navigate back and note the interactive filter are set to default.



All current releases that has "com.snc.read_only.role" plugin enabled


1. Any user assigned with the role "snc_read_only" will experience this issue 
2. Please review the documentation > Read-only role
* After you assign this role to a user, they can no longer can create, update, or delete records on ANY tables. 



1.There are system properties that can be configured to grant access to a specific tables to users with read only roles




2. There are some default value that are already part of the exempted table list as explained in the documentation > Read-only role properties

3. To resolve this issue add table ==> 'sys_canvas_preferences' will need to be added to the default list of tables on the properties mentioned above.

(Note : If the system properties does not exist , you can create a System Property, please ensure you add all the default tables and "sys_canvas_preferences" to the system properties mentioned above)