How to change the TEMP folder used for MID Server


In some cases execution from /tmp directory is restricted for security reasons, so it will be necessary to specify a different folder where the MID server can create temporary files. This KB covers how to change the TEMP folder used by the MID Server in such scenarios.

Release or Environment

Quebec and earlier.

Note: Once an instance and MID Servers are upgraded to Rome or later, a temp folder within agent\work\ will be used instead of the OS/User temp folder. 

If you need to keep the old temp folder for future upgrades (not recommended), then set the following ecc_agent_property: mid.upgrade.use_os_temp_folder = true


  1. Go to [MID_installation_path]/agent/conf
  2. Open wrapper-override.conf file
  3. Look for section titled "# Java Additional Parameters"
  4. Under that section there should be a commented section called "# Uncomment below to enable JDP. Change the address/port settings as needed."
  5. Under that add a uncommented line like:[PATH_TO_DIFFERENT_DIRECTORY_FILE]

Note: the "2" after "additional." above. That number will depend on if there are other properties already there. For example if there is a property using "" and "" already, then the next one that should be used is "" and so on

It should look something like:

# Java Additional Parameters
# Uncomment below to enable JDP. Change the address/port settings as needed.[PATH_TO_DIFFERENT_DIRECTORY]

Note: If the temp folder path on Windows includes a space in any of the folders, you may have a problem. Avoid temp folders with space characters in the path. See PRB1422003/KB0861154, which is fixed by PRB1396562/KB0861153 in Rome.

Additional Information