Number of activated plugins mismatch between sys_plugins and v_plugin tables



We can see activated plugins by navigating to 'Plugins' in 'System Definition' section. However, it shows fewer activated plugins than in the sys_plugins table.


Jakarta and later


System Definition > Plugins module (v_plugin table) is used to determine which plugins are active on the instance. This module lists only plugins available through self-service and is recommended not to rely on to understand the list of plugins been activated.

You can assure the active plugins by entering sys_plugins.list in the navigation filter and searching for the plugin. This list includes all plugins that are active on the instance, whether they were activated by default when the instance was new or upgraded, through self-service, or by ServiceNow personnel at your request.


Type 'sys_plugins.list' in the navigation bar to open the 'sys_plugins' table and check all the activated plugins