Creating a Menu Item in Service Portal



Creating a Menu Item in Service Portal


1. Navigate to Service Portal > Menus on the Application Navigator.

2. Open the header menu record that you would like to work with.

3. Scroll down to the Menu Items Related List.

4. Select New.

5. Configure the record. (see image for example)

UX Support Engineer

  • Label: (name which will appear on the Header Menu)
  • Parent Menu: should be the Header Menu you previously selected.
  • Type: Select one of the options which you like to configure. (depending on the selection you make it will change the form to add fields related to your choice.)
  • Page: Select the page in which you are using. (this step is specific to the example image which we selected "Page" as the Type in the above step.)
  • Condition: enter a condition if any.

6. Save or Submit the record.


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