How to Update a MID Server password


Once a MID Server is installed, at which point the Username and Password are set, to change the password again is a manual process, and needs care to avoid the MID Server being down longer than necessary.

It is advisable to do this procedure when the MID Server is not in use. Changing the password in the instance will cause a MID Server to go down, and may cause unexpected behavior for jobs already running.

Read through this procedure before starting, as the final 2 steps need to be done as quick as possible, and you'll need to be prepared.


  1. Navigate to MID Server - Servers to list the MID Serves and find where the MID Server is installed, and check which user is the "Logged in user". The MID Server record in the instance contains fields for both the "Host name" and "Home directory". You can personalize your list layout to add the 'Home directory'.
  2. For all MID Servers that use this user:
    1. Within the Home directory on the Host Server, open the "config.xml" file in a text editor.  (if Windows then use Wordpad, as this file has Unix line feeds)
    2. Find the line for the parameter named mid.instance.password.
    3. Clear the value, and enter the new password in plaintext.
      e.g before:
      <parameter name="mid.instance.password" secure="true" value="encrypted:7cHG3x8Ssx9m84qHaHlgKQ=="/>
      <parameter name="mid.instance.password" secure="true" value="newpassword"/>
      • Don't forget to also delete the 'encrypted:' bit. Authentication will fail after restarting the MID Server.
      • Remember this is XML. so some characters need escaping. e.g. "&" is written "&amp;", "<" as "&gt;". See Docs: MID Server Configuration
      • Be careful not to accidentally delete the "/> bit on the end of the line, which is quite easy to select by mistake. You will see a XML Parser error in the agent log of the MID Server after restart.
    4. Save
      Note: Don't restart just yet. This change will not have any effect until you restart, which will be the final step.
  3. Navigate to System Security - Users and Groups - Users, and open the user with User ID of the Logged in user for the MID Server. 
    Note: This would also be a good time to check the user has the mid_server role, is active, is not locked out and the upper/lower case of the User ID matches what is entered in the config.xml file.
  4. In the Password field, enter the new password, and Save
    As quick as you can, do the following step, because your MID Server will now be down:-
  5. Restart the MID Server services on the hosts. For Windows hosts, use the Services control panel/MMC applet.

Important Note:
As soon as the User record is updated, MID Servers will immediately loose connectivity and not pick up any more jobs, and eventually get set as Down after the instance realizes this. That will prevent you restarting them via the instance form, even though they may appear to still be in Up state for a while.
Only once they are restarted will they be Up, and only after it is Validated will it be able to start taking new jobs again.

Additional Information

KB0746247 Is it sensible to use an LDAP user for the MID Server, and can a MID Server's password be updated from the instance?