Add UI Macro to Caller on a Incident to display Phone button



Phone icon should display on the incident:

Make sure you have Openframe(com.sn_openframe) and CTI Softphone(com.snc.cti) plugins enabled.
Note: You may need to install Notify(com.snc.notify) plugin to install CTI Softphone plugin

Add UI Macro to Caller and Initiate Call:

1. In the Filter navigator box, type incident.
2. Click Open under the Incident application.
3. In the list on the right, click an incident that is assigned to the Network team and Rick Berzle is the Caller. (make sure Joe Employee has a phone number populated in his record)
4. Right-click the Caller field label and choose Configure Dictionary.
5. When the Dictionary Entry – Caller form appears, make sure you see the Advanced view. If not, scroll to Related Links and click Advanced view.
6. In the Attributes field, you should see ref_contributions=user_show_incidents. This is a UI Macro that shows an additional button beside the Caller field to show you the caller’s incident. Add a new button to make a call from the instance.
7. Multiple UI Macros can be added by separating them with a semicolon. The CTI Softphone includes a UI Macro, show_phone_customer_service, that you can leverage. Enter the following into the Attributes field:
8. Click Update.
9. You should now return to incident; if not, navigate to it again following Steps 1-3.
10. A new phone button should appear beside the Caller field.


London, Madrid


The OpenFrame configuration is not active by default.  With this property not turned on, the phone button will not show.


Please do the following to activate the OpenFrame:

  1. Go to Filter Navigator and search for OpenFrame
  2. Check the Active box so it is now true and save the change
  3. Go back to the incident record of Rick Berzle with a valid phone number