Business Rule "Close Parent if Required" is not working as expected.



Request is not closing when requested items are closed.


Custom workflow 'Request for Access' setting State field. 


The behavior seen is due to the setting State field not the Stage field in workflow 'Request for Access' . Notice the conditions in the business rule 'Close Parent if Required': 
current.stage.changes() && (current.stage=='complete' || current.stage=='Request Cancelled' || current.stage == "closed_incomplete" || current.stage=="closed_skipped") 

This is checking the Stage is set to 'complete' 'closed_incomplete' ect. However, the Set Value workflow activities in workflow 'Request for Access' is setting the State and is not updating the Stage value. Please reconfigure the custom workflow to update the stages as necessary. The other option here would be to create a custom business rule or customize business rule 'Close Parent if Required' to check State field.