Popup view of a reference field is not showing the expected form layout of the configured sys_popup view


When the "i" icon of a reference field is clicked a popup view of the referenced record is displayed. However, the fields showing on this popup view is not the same ones configured on the sys_popup view of the form.

The sys_popup view of the referenced record displays as expected on Default view of the record but not on any other views (i.e. ess, Mobile).


Release or Environment

All releases


Missing associated sys_popup,name_of_view.

The sys_popup view by itself only works for the OOB "Default" view.


Create a "sys_popup,name_of_view" for the referenced table (i.e. sys_user.do?sysparm_view=sys_popup,ess)

An example:

Additional Information

Product Documentation - Configure the reference icon view of fields

Community Blog Article - Configure a sys_popup view for a specific form view