Deleting the duplicate CI in windows servers is also deleting Original CI.



Deletion of duplicate CI resulting in the deletion of original CI in windows servers.


All releases


The cause is due to the configuration of reference cascade rules for the following 2 fields: [] and [cmdb.asset] and the assets are linked to the two CIs.


Check if both the duplicate CI and original CI are linked to the same asset record. If yes, then use the following steps to delete the duplicate CI.

You have two options

  1. Change the reference specification
    1. Navigate to a reference field on a form. In this case the Asset field.
    2. Right-click the field label and select Configure Dictionary.
    3. Under Related Links, click Advanced view.
    4. Locate the Reference Specification section.
    5. In the Reference cascade rule field, select Option "None"

      Sys dictionary

  2. Set the asset field to empty in the duplicate record and delete the CI.
    1. Go to the duplicate CI record.
    2. Set the field asset to empty
    3. Save the record
    4. Delete the CI.

Additional Information

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