Transform Maps - Order of execution


It is very important to understand the order of execution of transform map and its scripts before creating one because incorrect assumptions about this order can cause major issues.

Release or Environment

Applicable to all releases


  1. Run the onStart script
  2. Find the target record by evaluating all coalesce field maps/scripts. 
    • Before any other scripts are executed, the target record is found.
  3. Run the onBefore script. 
    • Since this is executed after finding the target record, you need to make sure the coalesce scripts do not depend on any variables defined here in the onBefore script. 
  4. Transform all field mappings. 
  5. Run the main transform Run script. 
    • This is the main script in the transform map which is visible only when "Run Script" is checked. 
  6. Run the onAfter script.
  7. Repeat 2-6 for all import set rows. 
  8. Run the onComplete script.