Workflow Stages missing on Service Catalog Requested Items



Workflow stage icons do not appear correctly for an sc_req_item record.

If the workflow attached to an sc_req_item record has a subflow, the subflow stages will not be captured in the list view. The stage will accurately show for the record in the form view, calendar history and while exporting.




Incorrect workflow settings and not setting a stage before the subflow activity fires in the parent workflow.


In order to display the workflow stages correctly on the list view for the sc_req_item table, set the workflow stage rendering to "Linear" in the workflow properties for the affected workflow. A stage also needs to be defined in one of the workflow activities leading to the subflow. For example, if the subflow moves from stages 4-8, at least one of the workflow activities need to have stages 1, 2, or 3 defined in order for the stages to populate correctly on the list view.