User id (user_name) and password fields in sys_user table are auto filled with saved credentials for site


When creating a new record in the [sys_user] table, the fields user_name and password are automatically populated by the browser with the current user's login credentials eg. userid and password. 

Release or Environment

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11


This behavior is due to the Autofill feature of the Chrome browser and the naming of the sys_user fields in ServiceNow: "user_name" and "password".

In the rendered HTML for the user field, the corresponding input tag has the property autocomplete="off". This is intended to prevent such as situation to occur.

See this article on the site for more information: How to turn off form autocompletion, which states:

"If a site sets autocomplete="off" for username and password <input> fields, then the browser will still offer to remember this login, and if the user agrees, the browser will autofill those fields the next time the user visits the page.

This is the behavior in Firefox (since version 38), Google Chrome (since 34), and Internet Explorer (since version 11)."

So the behavior that is seen is considered expected.

For this situation to occur:

We have documented this behavior in KB0563953 - Password field autocomplete=off is ignored in several browsers


Unfortunately, there is no "fix" planned for this from a ServiceNow point of view. It is considered to be due to the Autofill feature provided by Chrome browser being chosen to be used by the user.

To prevent this situation customers would need to inactivate the "Autofill > Passwords > Auto Sign-in" feature of the Chrome browser in the settings (eg. go to the URL "chrome://settings/").

There should be a similar setting for other affected browsers.