MID Server download packages for installing OpenJDK on Windows and Linux hosts


Some customers run older versions of ServiceNow and use old verions of OpenJDK, such as 1.8.0_sncmid1. ServiceNow is automatically upgrading their JRE version to OpenJDK 1.8.0_231-sncmid1 with upgrades to NYP8, OP3, and Paris. The following is a procedure to update the OpenJDK to version 1.8.0_231-sncmid1 without upgrading to those patches. In addition, customers using their own JRE can follow the procedure to leverage the ServiceNow provided JRE.


To replace an existing JRE with the ServiceNow OpenJDK:

  1. Stop the MID Server.

  2. If a JRE folder is under the agent folder, remove it.

  3. Unzip the appropriate OpenJDK JRE folder in the agent folder in the MID Server installation folder.

  4. Open the wrapper-override.conf file and remove any Java commands.

  5. Restart the MID Server and ensure it is coming back up properly.

  6. On the instance, open the MID Server record and check the JVM version.

    The version should be 1.8.0-231-sncmid1.


Encourage customers who installed their own JRE to upgrade to these versions of the platform that install the ServiceNow OpenJDK automatically: