List for large table loading slow due to "select count(*)" query


Browsing to a list of records within the platform generally causes two initial SQL queries to be triggered against the underlying database:

When browsing lists of records in large tables the ‘pagination’ query can often take a significant amount of time to execute. This translates into:

 In some cases performance of the ‘pagination’ query can be improved via use of a supporting database index however this may not be feasible due to the combinations of filters users tend to use when working with lists of records.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Browse to a table with millions of rows and attempt to load a list of records
  2. Note that, in general, the corresponding transaction may take many seconds to minutes to complete
  3. Confirm that the majority of transaction processing time is spent executing the ‘pagination’ (select count(*)) via SQL debug or corresponding application node logs


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