Email moved to Junk folder



A Knowledge base article talks about the different reasons behind inbound emails that moved to Junk folder.


When an email is received below are the various reasons that email is moved to the Junk folder. Basically, if an email is ignored that has been sent to the junk folder. The reason for the emails that are ignored can vary upon in many circumstances. Below are those;

1. If the email that sent to ServiceNow is not in the Trusted Domains in the email properties. Go to email Properties and check if the domain is added in the trusted domain fields.

2. If ignored by your inbound email action.

3. SPAM protection: If the email headers have "X-ServiceNow-Spam-Flag:YES" which indicates the email is spammed.

4. Email Filters: Enabling the email filter plugin brings the filter like;

  • Ignore header: Ignores the email if the mentioned headers present.
  • Ignore sender: Ignores the email received from the mentioned sender.
  • Ignore subject: Ignores the email when email received with a specified subject.
  • Move to Junk: Sends the Email to the junk on a specified condition.

5. If the email sender passed all the above and the user is locked out or inactive.