How to Migrate to using the new 'SC Catalog Item' widget



With the release of Helsinki, the previous OOB widget 'SC Catalog Item' has been deprecated, where a new version has been released. The new widget brings changes to make it more inline with how the Service Catalog functions outside of the Service Portal. To check whether the deprecated version of this widget is being used, the context menu can be opened when on the Service Catalog page within the Service Portal, where it will show 


To first check whether the deprecated version, please navigate to the Service Portal page which would normally hold this widget.

In an OOB instance, this is typically Service Portal Page - Service Catalog (sc_cat_item). This is the example we will be using below.

  1. Open the 'sc_cat_item' page in Service Portal Designer 
  2. Click on the bottom container. 
  3. Once the bottom container has been highlighted, click on the trash icon in the top right. 
  4. Now drag across a new container to the bottom row 
  5. Click on the + icon and choose 12 
  6. Drag across the 'SC Catalog Item' widget onto the container and row. 

    Your 'sc_cat_item' page will now use the new widget. 


Applicable Versions

Helsinki release and later.