How to make MID Server use a proxy for all traffic


When using the MID server with a network proxy and making external SOAP/REST calls, we get a socket timeout error similar to " connect timed out when posting to"...URL.


MID server operations do not go through customer proxies as default, which is the point of internet access for their network. When a MID server is installed to use a proxy, the proxy is only used to retrieve the operations to execute.


To force the mid server operations to go through a proxy, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Go into the MID server record in MID Server -> Servers -> (Your MID server).
  2. On the 'Properties' tab, add 'glide.http.proxy_host' and 'glide.http.proxy_port'. If using a username and password for the proxy also add 'glide.http.proxy_username' and 'glide.http.proxy_password'
  3. Restart the MID server.

Below is a screenshot of example settings:

 MID Server proxy settings

Note iconNote: If you set up the proxy properties on the MID server, all communications will go through the proxy, including internal server ones.
Busy proxies could cause connectivity problems for the MID server, especially on Discovery operations.