"Invalid query conditions" error log in Performance Analytics



When running a Performance Analytics job, the job log shows a Level type "Error" stating: 

"Invalid query conditions:"

This is followed by a query for the condition populated.


The root cause for this issue is due to a column populated in the query which does not exist on the instance.


  1. From the error record showing the "Invalid query conditions:" statement, copy the entire query.
  2. Go to pa_cubes_list.do
  3. Expand the filter and populate [Conditions] [is] [*copied query pastes here*]
  4. Run the query.
  5. The indicator which the invalid query condition is referencing will return.
  6. Open the affected indicator.
  7. Compare the invalid query to the conditions shown in the indicator, there should be a condition either not populated, or a dot walk that is not completed due to the missing field.
  8. You can then fix this by either removing the missing column from the indicator source or replacing it with another field.