Impact of a password change and how to update your LDAP binding credentials



If your LDAP Server's "Login distinguished name" user's password has changed, you need to ensure your connection is successful.


The system uses these credentials to connect to your LDAP server. With an Invalid password your instance LDAP integration will fail.

You can test your connectivity with this URL:


In case of an unsuccessful connection you will see an output similar to this:

 "LDAP Server" : [ {
    "url" : "ldap://",
    "operational_status" : false,
    "test_error_code" : 49,
    "test_error_message" : "Invalid credentials",
    "test_success" : false
  } ]


To update the password

  1. Log in and access the LDAP Server record
  2. Update the "Login password" with the correct password.

After updating the password test again, the output should look like this:

"LDAP Server" : [ {
    "url" : "ldap://",
    "operational_status" : true,
    "test_error_code" : 0,
    "test_error_message" : "Connected successfully",
    "test_success" : true
  } ]