FAQ - CMP - Node licensing and calculation



This article will demonstrate the questions regarding Node Licensing and calculation with Cloud Management Platform (CMP)


Question 1:

Could you please confirm if Hardware type table "cmdb_ci_compute_template" will be counted under node licenses? 


CMP do not consider the Hardware type that is in "cmdb_ci_compute_template" table during license calculations. It is true that CMP uses Hardware type table to map a VM size attribute from Azure to actual CPU count and Memory (MB), but during license calculations, it is not considered as a node. 

The table "cmdb_ci_compute_template" is used to map the VM size attribute from Azure to actual CPU count and Memory (MB) in numbers.  

Question 2:

What constitutes "Cloud Management - Nodes" in ServiceNow CMP?

There are several Cloud specific CMDB Classes in the system that got activated as part of the Cloud Management application and does every CI in those classes gets counted as 1 node? 


The nodes that are been provisioned or discovered will be written back to cmdb_ci_vm_instance. The nodes that are in cmdb_ci_vm_instance are considered as Cloud Management - Nodes. The nodes in these tables get counted as license count

Question 3:

Could you please confirm which all states of the Virtual Machine would be considered for Licensing cost?


States of a virtual machine would be considered for licensing cost: on, off, paused, starting, stopping, pausing 

Question 4:

Is there a mechanism or a  script controls the calculation? 


Script to get counts for CMP provisioned VMs. The counts are for both CMPv1 and CMPv2 plugin depending on which plugin the customer is using is "CMP_Provisioned_VM_Count"