Resolution note repeated twice in activity stream of incident form



When the incident is resolved, user prompted to enter "Resolution Notes". This entered "Resolution Notes" was appearing twice on the activity stream of the incident form as shown in the below screenshot,


Any supported release.


There was an after update Business Rule which was set up on the Incident table and it had current.update() statement, due to this, when the incident form is saved after entering resolution code, system fired the second update with same values.

Thus the "Resolution Notes" was updated 2 times and it was eventually these 2 updates were audited.

Hence, the activity stream was showing the "Resolution Notes" twice as there are 2 audits for it. 


  • In general, it is highly not recommendable to use current.update in the business rule. Also, the after update business rule is usually used to update other relevant records, not the current record.
  • Please review the after update Business Rule which has current.update() statement and modify it.
  • If modifying business rule is not an easy option, then you can consider updating the script to include the setworkflow(false) statement so that the audit would not be triggered with the second update. 

Additional Information

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