London Service Portal: hide_delivery_time in the widget option schema do not hide the Hide Delivery Time on wish item view when value=true


The hide_delivery_time variable in the widget option schema does not hide the Hide Delivery Time on the wish item view when the value is true on Service Portal.

Steps to Reproduce

On an affected instance:

  1. Enable the Wish list by navigating to Maintain Catalogs > Service Catalog. Check "Enable Wish List".
  2. Navigate to Widget -SC Catalog Item (sys_id=3c29786e87133200e0ef0cf888cb0bdf)
    • If you cannot edit the OOB widget, you need to clone the widget to make the change
    • In the Option schema section, change the code Form default from:
      {"hint":"Hide the Delivery Time in the widget","name":"hide_delivery_time","section":"other","default_value":"false","label":"Hide Delivery Time","type":"boolean"}
      {"hint":"Hide the Delivery Time in the widget","name":"hide_delivery_time","section":"other","default_value":"true","label":"Hide Delivery Time","type":"boolean"}
    • Click Save
  3. On the Service portal page, order a demo item: Access (/sp?id=sc_cat_item&sys_id=039c516237b1300054b6a3549dbe5dfc)
    • You do not see the "Delivery Time" on the page
  4. Click Add to Wish List
  5. Click View Wish List link
  6. Click Access

While the expected behavior is no Delivery Time listed on the page, the actual behavior is the Delivery Time showed on the page.


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