How to trigger your instance upgrade


When you schedule an instance upgrade, you want to monitor the process and ensure that it starts on time. This Knowledge Base article describes the scheduled jobs that control upgrades and the available monitoring tools can help you take control of them.

Scheduled Jobs

There are two critical scheduled jobs that execute the upgrade process:

Upgrade: Runs every 60 minutes to check if the instance is associated with a new .war file. (A new .war file is associated with an instance when you submit an upgrade request.)

Check Upgrade Script: Looks for a new .war file when a node is restarted. If a new file is found, it begins updating the database. Keep in mind that the Upgrade scheduled job runs every 60 minutes, but not necessarily at the top of the hour. For example, the scheduled job could run at 15 minutes past the hour or 20 minutes before the hour.


Once you submit an upgrade request via the Now Support (HI), a change request number is created, if your upgrade hasn't started within the scheduled window on the change request, this is likely because the upgrade job, which is responsible for triggering your upgrade to start, has not yet run on your instance. You can determine when the upgrade job will run on your instance via following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to System Scheduler > Scheduled Jobs > Scheduled Jobs.
  2. In the list, find the Upgrade scheduled job.
  3. View the Next action column to determine when the job next runs. For example, if the next action is 11:10:00, the scheduled job will run at 11:10:00 and then at 10 minutes past the hour every hour (because the scheduled job is set to run every 60 minutes).


Additional Information

If it is within the upgrade window and you would like to trigger the upgrade to start, you can manually trigger the upgrade job to run by navigating to the 'upgrade' scheduled job and by setting the "Next Action" value to anytime in the past. The instance will then run the 'upgrade' scheduled job right away as it is passed trigger time and will start the upgrade.