Discovery Device History Completed activity field can contain non-English values for Created CI and Updated CI


Discovery Device History Completed activity field [discovery_device_history.last_state] can contain non-English values for "Created CI" and "Updated CI", due to the possibility of the HorizontalDiscoveryResultHandler being run in a non-English user session and using the translations from sys_ui_message. This code is used by the Credentialless Discovery Network Device pattern, and possibly others.

This will affect some functionality that has hard-coded English values in scripts.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. On a clean new London or Madrid instance, Install Discovery installed, and enable credential-less discovery on a MID Server
  2. Install a non-English language pack*, and set the default locale to that language. e.g. German, and glide.system.locale=de.DE
  3. Run a Quick Discovery on a Windows IP address that you do not have Credentials for, in order to force it to run the Credential-less Discovery Network Device pattern
  4. Check the Discovery Device History and you will see some "Created CI" and "Updated CI" values in the default locale language, and not consistently in English as expected

*If you can't wait for the language pack to install, simply add sys_ui_message records for keys "Created CI" and "Updated CI", and you will see your own values from those appear in the device history field.


The code responsible is not editable, however the sys_ui_message records used for the non-english translations can be updated so that they return an English message text for non-english languages.

  1. Open the UI Message list = /
  2. Search for Key is "Created CI" or "Updated CI"
  3. For each language, for both messages, replace the non-English 'Message' field value with the English "Created CI" or "Updated CI" text.

Related Problem: PRB1330872