If URL has sysparm_device parameter added and if it does not have any valid values then it redirects to UI11



sysparm_device parameter is used when you would like to change different UI for ex UI15, UI16, Mobile, tablet or printer mode etc on your instance. 



Following are valid inputs for this parameter 

  1. doctype = UI14, UI15, UI16 for ex. https://XXXXXXXXX.service-now.com/navpage.do?sysparm_device=doctype
  2. tablet = Tablet 
  3. m = $m.do Mobile
  4. print = Printer friendly 

If sysparm_device has any other value then it goes to UI11/Legacy.

For ex. https://XXXXXXXX.service-now.com/navpage.do?sysparm_device=docs

This is intended behavior as per design.