Unable to see the certain categories as Customer Admin in Service Portal



User with customer admin role unable to see certain categories on "sc category page" widget on service portal. 


Any supported release.


  • Below code on "sc category page" widget is checking view access for a user on category and failing due to "not available for" Public User criteria set on the certain record producers / catalog items.
// Does user have permission to see this category?
var categoryId = '' + data.category_id;
var categoryJS = new sn_sc.CatCategory(categoryId);
if (!categoryJS.canView()) {
data.error = gs.getMessage("You do not have permission to see this category");
  • Ideally, public role is used to determine whether login required to access the features and functions within service now, and this should not be used in user criteria.
  • Hence, using the public role in "not available for" public user criteria causing the reported issue.
  • In general, when checking the view access on category, the system will look for view access in the catalog items which are available within the category, at least one of them should be available for the category to be visible to the user.
  • In the reported scenario, the affected category had only one catalog item / record producer listed under it, however, that catalog item / record producer had a non available for user criteria which is set to public.
  • The non available for user criteria overrides the available for user criteria. Hence, though you have set the available for user criteria on category, access is denied for the user on the category.


  • Review the public User criteria set on the affected catalog item and apply the required other user criteria instead of public user criteria or update it as per your business requirement.

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