MID Servers stuck in validating state


MID Servers goes down after getting stuck in "validating" state for 10-15 mins.



The validation because the user account used for validation doesn't have the required access permissions. The MID Server service has a configured dedicated user, however, the user is not enrolled in the admin group due to which the user did not have the required permissions.


MID Server requires an admin user for validation. The above solution switched the user to local admin to validate the MID Server and then configure the dedicated MID Server user once MID Server is validated.

The following steps are for the MID Server on a Windows Host OS.

  1. Go to Services
  2. Look for the ServiceNow MID Server service
  3. Right-click and select Properties
  4. Click on the Log On tab
  5. Click on the Local System account radio button
  6. Click Apply and OK
  7. Restart the MID Server service
  8. Back in the instance
    • From the MID Server page click on Validate
  9. Once the MID Server is validated go back to the MID Server Host system
  10. Follow steps 1-4 again
  11. Click on This account radio button
  12. Configure the dedicated user