Columns showing a blank or (empty) column label



This KB will discuss how to troubleshoot an issue with blank labels that involves a DB related error. It is possible for column labels to show up as empty if the user creating the column runs into a database violation error on creation.



This behavior, although not common, may occur after a new field has been created.



This issue could be due to the table hitting the 8K row size limit. To confirm this is the issue:

1. Navigate to sys_schema_change.list and search for the column:

(Note that State is Incomplete)

2. Open the record and scroll to the bottom of the Exception Details

With the 8K row size limit the user or Admin will see the message: Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Row size too large (> 8126)

3. Once the error message has been verified, the user or Admin should open an incident ticket with support as additional steps will be needed to provide a solution to the error.