Export set "Scheduled Data Exports" intermittent 'Completed with errors'



Export set "Scheduled Data Exports" intermittent failed and in the 'sys_export_set_run' table, it will showed some with status 'Completed with errors' and "error "'Bytes Transferred' value for MID Server Attachment sys_id : xxxx is invalid"


Usually happened after change/move to another MID server


This behavior might caused by some kind of network connectivity/congestion issue.


Try the following steps below to see where the issue laid:

1) Run this export set during none peak hours (no discovery job or other integration are running) to rule out any network congestion.  If still persist the same, go to step 2.

2) Recycle the MID server and validate that the above error go away.  If the issue still persist, try step 3.

3) Run this schedule on a separate Install MID server (Note: You will need to change the export sets location to use the new mid server)

4) Set System Properties -> Import Export -> Export Set -> MID Server Response Timeout -> Current Value from the default of 300 to a higher value, e.g. 900