Multiple dynamic page titles in Service Portal do not display all variables



When a service portal page is configured to display different variables based on multiple dynamic page titles not all of those variable are displayed in the page title of the browser.


All releases


The URL query parameter field on the dynamic page title record is not using "sys_id" (or a parameter that references a sys_id value).


For a dynamic page title variable to display the intended value correctly the URL query parameter field needs to be set to "sys_id" or anything that references a sys_id value as this is how the platform determines which record to query against.

For example, the following dynamic page title variables need to be displayed: %number %state

The associated dynamic page title records need to be configured as follow:

URL query parameter: sys_id
Table field: state
Table: incident
Name: %state

URL query parameter: sys_id
Table field: number
Table: incident
Name: %number

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