Knowledge Block User Criteria is not working



Knowledge block user criteria is not working

User criteria in portal is not working




The KB Article Page was customised

The UI page is using a custom widget


Revert the "KB Article Page Widget" to the out-of-box (OOB) version

Revert the widget used by your UI page where user criteria is not working. It is recommended to use the OOB version of the widget.

  1. Go to the Portal page having the issue
  2. Click Ctrl + Right-click on the page and it will give you a list of options
  3. Choose Instance in Page Editor and check the Widget if it is a customised version of the widget
  4. Modify the UI page to use the out-of-box (OOB) widget and Save
  5. If you have not added a custom version and have modified the out-of-box (OOB) version, you need to go to the platform or advanced view.
  6. In the navigation bar, type in sp_widget.list to go to the list of Service Portal widget records.
  7. Filter in the Name or the sys_id of the widget
  8. In the Versions related list, select both Custom (current) and Upgrade version
  9. Click on Action on selected rows > Compare > Revert to Selected version which is the OOB version
  10. Save.