Guided Tour Auto Launch Caveat(s)



As we know, our platform provides auto-launch configuration that helps in "auto" launching guided tours for users who are visiting any desired page for the first page.

Once a user has gone through the tour on a certain page, the tour doesn't get triggered automatically if the same user visits the same page again.

This article focuses on how to reset an auto launch tour for these users.


1. Navigate to Embedded Help => Guided Tour Designer => Guided Tours.

2. Open your desired/affected tour record.

3. Under Related Links, click Override tour Auto Launch Preferences.

4. This will open a list of records, each record representing each user (who has used the tour already).

5. There is a checkbox field called Disable Autolaunch which is set to true.

Setting it to false will reset the tour for a specific user.

Please note that once again this checkbox will change back to true if the user visits the page again and completes the tour.


Additional Information

Here's our product documentation for further reference (London):