Cannot select values from List Collector, console error: cannot read property 'split' of undefined



When attempting to select a value from a list collector variable, the field does not populate with the value selected and remains blank. The browser debug console shows the following error: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined

The error will show as pictured below once a selection is made:

select error


London Patch 4



There may be a client script or UI policy which is acting on the field and supplying it with an invalid value (such as undefined). The image below shows an example of a field with an undefined value.

Undefined Value


1) Find the name of the affected field or variable

2) Check the UI Policies and/or client scripts to find one which is altering the field from step 1

3) Alter the script or policy as needed to avoid setting an invalid value.


See the image below for an example fix which will set the property to an empty string if the sample.some_property is undefined:

error fix