Multiple or Duplicate Save buttons / UI Actions appearing on the form



When navigating to a form, two save UI Actions can appear.





This can be caused by one of the UI Actions having its name changed to be the same as the other UI Action.


 To find out which UI Action on the form has been renamed, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the form where the duplicate UI Actions are appearing
  2. Scroll down the form until you see the two UI Actions
  3. Right-click on one of the UI Actions and click 'Edit UI Action'
  4. Once the UI Action has been opened, scroll down to the related list "Versions"
  5. Sort the column "Recorded at" so that the oldest version appears at the bottom.
  6. Right click on the earliest entry and choose "Compare to Current"

Once the new window has opened to compare the UI Actions, you can scroll down the page and find the name field to see what the original value was.