What to check when update sets are not retrieved correctly


When an update set is applied to the target instance from a source, sometimes the retrieved update sets are not visible on the target instance. While it may seem daunting to troubleshoot the exact cause, the following steps should be done as part of the initial analysis:

  1. Check that the user credentials used to retrieve the update set have an admin role and that the user credentials are a local admin user on the instance.
  2. Verify that the sys_update_set_source record in the target instance is set up correctly. The URL should not have the word 'navpage.do' appended to it.
    For example:
    • Incorrect URL - https://<instance-name>.service-now.com/navpage.do
    • Correct URL - https://<instance-name>.service-now.comĀ 

When the retrieval fails, it would most likely throw an error like:

Error: com.glide.processors.soap.SOAPProcessingException: Web service not found

However, following the above steps should save time to diagnose the problem and provide relief in most of the cases.