Modify the number of additional indicators that can be added to certain performance analytics widgets



Certain performance analytics based widgets will allow display of multiple Indicators which will thus enable a display showing data from multiple indicator sources.  This capability is specific to Widgets of the Time Series or List type.  In a default, out-of-box instance, the number of additional such Indicators that can be associated to a particular widget is seven.  However, this maximum number can be increased or decreased as needed.

Add additional indicators to a widget

If this maximum limit is reached for a particular widget and an Indicator is attempted to be added to that same Widget, an error message will be received and the additional indicator will not be associated to the Widget.


Log into the instance with an account having admin or pa_admin rights to the instance.

Using the Menu Navigator, browse to the following location on the instance: Performance Analytics -> System -> Properties.

A properties page with a collection of properties related to the Performance Analytics system will appear.

Locate the System Property on the page with the heading "Maximum number of widget indicators, in addition to the main indicator, that can be added to a widget."

In the text field directly below this heading, set the value to an integer value corresponding to the maximum number of additional indicators that the system will allow be added to certain widget types.  The out-of-box default value is set to seven, but this can be changed to any integer value.  Care should be taken when adjusting this value, however, as too large a value can result in possible performance issues when displaying any dashboard which contains this widget and too small a value may prevent certain data visualizations that might be needed by certain users.

 Modifying the maximum additional indicators

Once the value has been set as needed, click one of the Save buttons found on the form.  One at the upper right of the properties page and the other at the bottom of the page.  This will save the change to the property.

Once this value has been changed, this new maximum limit will immediately be enforced.

If a Performance Analytics admin attempts to add a new Indicator as associated to such a Widget and the widget is already associated with the maximum number of additional Indicators, an error message will appear indicating that the maximum number of widget indicators that can be added to a widget has been reached, and the indicator source will not be added to the widget.

Maximum Indicators Reached

Additional Information

Note that this setting can also be modified by directly updating the Value field of the System Property (sys_properties) record with the name of  The Value field should be set to the maximum number of indicators that should be allowed for any specific widget.


The following article details the steps that can be used to add additional Indicator sources to certain Performance Indicator widgets:

KB0724552 - How to add secondary indicators to a time series or list widget