Accessing "kb_article" page throws errors such as Failing widget: 'KB Article Page' (c6545050ff223100ba13ffffffffffe8)



The issue is that on Service Portal when a user accesses a knowledge article on "kb_article" page of Service Portal, there are following errors on the browser:

org.mozilla.javascript.EvaluatorException: GlideRecord.setTableName - empty table name (sp_widget.c6545050ff223100ba13ffffffffffe8.script; line 51) 
Script source code logged to console 
Failing widget: 'KB Article Page' (c6545050ff223100ba13ffffffffffe8) 


All releases


This error is caused by this line of code in the widget:

rec = rec.parent_id.getRefRecord();

This indicates that there is a bad reference in the parent ID. This is usually seen when there is a bad or empty value in "kb_category" field of the knowledge article in the Knowledge table [kb_knowledge].


To resolve the issue, make sure that the article has a valid value "kb_category" in the kb_category field.