How to preserve SOAP Messages in Target instance when requesting a clone


SOAP message:

Information needed to send SOAP requests is stored in SOAP message records.

  • Each record specifies an endpoint for the request, the required format of the request as a web services description language (WSDL) file, authentication information, and a list of functions that can run against the endpoint. 

How to Retain SOAP messages in Target instance during a clone?

Sometimes, preserving certain data on a target instance is desirable. For example, when using a MID Server, you can avoid overwriting the below tables.

  • SOAP message [sys_soap_message]
  • SOAP message function [sys_soap_message_function]

Preserved data is stored in a dynamically generated list on the target instance before the clone and restored on the target instance after the clone is complete.

You have to define data preservers on the source instance.

Below 2 records are the sample SOAP messages(Just for Reference).

  • https://source instance/
  • https://target instance/

In order to preserve the SOAP messages as above on the target instance,

Step 1:

  • Add below 2 tables in the "Exclude Tables" list in the source instance.
| Port | name                               | table                      |
| 3403 | System Soap Message                | sys_soap_message           |
| 3403 | Soap Message Functions             | sys_soap_message_function  |

Refer below screenshot:

Step 2:

  • Add the same 2 tables in the "Preserve Data" also in the source instance.

Refer below screenshot:

Step 3:

  • If you want to keep SOAP messages from both source and target instances then remove the tables mentioned above from excluders and add in preservers in source instance.

Step 4:

  • You can also refer the below document for better understanding of data preservers during system clone.

Data preservation on cloning target instances

Set up system clone

Warning: If the clone from backup fails for some reason, the clone process fails over to the legacy clone engine. The legacy clone engine cannot preserve data from extended tables, relationships, hierarchies between tables, and dot-walked queries. You may want to reschedule a system clone or manually transfer data in such cases.

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