"Remediate" of "De-Duplication Tasks" only show "Run Remediation" popup with no options



Clicking on the "Remediate" button on the "De-Duplication Tasks", will show the "Run Remediation" popup with a selection box, without any option.

Steps to reproduce

1) Go to any "De-Duplication Tasks" (reconcile_duplicate_task) record. 
2) Click on the "Remediate" button. 
3) The "Run Remediation" popup will show up with only "-- Select Remediation --" selection box, without any other options. 


This issue happens on pre-London release (eg Kingston)


The options on the "Remediation" section box, comes from the records from the "CMDB Remediation Rule" (remediation_rule) table where the "type" is "reconcile_duplicate_task".


In order for options to show up on the "Remediation" selection, custom "CMDB Remediation Rule" (remediation_rule) record for "reconcile_duplicate_task" type, will need to be created.

Creation of the "CMDB Remediation Rule" for "Reconcile Duplicate Task" 
1) Go to the Configuration > CMDB Remediation
or go to: 

2) Click "New" to create a new record: 
a) set "Task type" to "Reconcile Duplicate Task" 
b) select "Active" 

c) for "Workflow", you need a workflow on the table name "Reconcile Duplicate Task" (reconcile_duplicate_task).

If none shows up, you need to create one (see the next section on "Creation of Workflow for 'Reconcile Duplicate Task'") 

3) Save the record. 

Creation of the Workflow for "Reconcile Duplicate task" 
1) Click "New" to create a new Workflow. 

2) Fill in the form: 
a) for the option of "Table", select "Reconcile Duplicate Task" (reconcile_duplicate_task) 
b) For "If condition matches", select "None". 

3) [Ensure that the associated workflow remediates duplicate CIs.] 

4) Save and Publish the workflow. 

Additional Information

The official recommendation for remediation of "De-Duplication Tasks" (before London) is as follows:

[Quote from: https://docs.servicenow.com/csh?topicname=t_ResolveDeDuplicationTask.html&version=latest

"Based on your analysis of de-duplication tasks, you can determine which CI should remain active and which of the duplicate CIs in the Duplicate Audit Results records are stale or incorrect. Determine if it is appropriate to delete or inactivate any of these CIs." 


With London release, there is a default "Duplicate CI Remediator" feature.
It is recommended to upgrade to London or later versions to fully utilized the "Duplicate CI Remediator" feature.