In Service Portal a Lookup Select Box variable type whose list has been manipulated with g_form.addOption or a "List Collector" does not function as expected


When using Lookup Select Box variable types, if the list values for the variable are manipulated using g_form.addOption function, the system does not behave as expected in Service Portal.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Create a new Catalog Item which has 2 variables of type Checkbox and Lookup Select Box.
2) For the Lookup Select Box variable, set the Lookup From Table = Hardware Catalog, Lookup value field= SysID, Lookup label field = name, and Lookup Price field = Price.
3) Create an onChange Catalog Client script for the CheckBox variable that clears all the values in the lookup list and adds just 1 or 2 entries for testing using the g_form.addOption function.
4) Once the catalog item is created as detailed above, use the Try It link to run the item in the normal Service Catalog.
5) Click on the checkbox variable type to activate the CCScript. Observe the LookupSelect Box list is refiltered based on the client script.
6) Select the option displayed anad observe that the list displays the selected value in the list and shows the Price and SubTotal in the Shopping Cart section of the list.
7) Try running the same catalog item from Service Portal and repeat step 6 above. Observe the Price is not displayed next to the list item.
8) Select the added item and observe that it does not display as selected on the list, and if you open the list drop down, the system displays 'No matches found'.
9) Also observe that the system does not display the Price next to the Quantity field like it does if we were to select an item from the normally (without addOption function) loaded Lookup Select Box list.
10) Submitting the item does however update the price correctly (to reflect the quantity selected) in the Requested Item.

Notice the value for the selected Lookup Select Box list value fails to display. 'No matches found' is shown when the Lookup Select Box list drop down is expanded after selecting a value.
The select Lookup Select Box item's Price value fails to display next to the Quantity, like it does if the item is selected from the normally rendered list.



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As a workaround, use the variable from the normal Service Catalog. No issue occurs either when the list is not manipulated using the g_form.addOption function.

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