How to Determine Users Enrolled in Password Reset That Need to Re-validate their Device



You may have an issue in which a user or group of users see an error message for password enrollment that states,

"The number of questions required for enrollment has changed. Enroll again."

The number of users affected by this is unknown until a report is run. There is a built in report on your instance named "Password Reset Enrollment By Verification".


You can view the report by the following methods.

Method 1

  1. Copy this text
  2. Replace YOUR_INSTANCE with the instance you would like to run the report on
  3. Paste into your browser

Method 2

  1. In your instance, use the navigation filter and type "Reports"
  2. Once you hit Enter on your keyboard you should see the "Reports" module appear
  3. Click "View / Run"
  4. Click "All"
  5. On the top right of this page you'll see a Search field. Type "enroll" and hit enter
  6. On the top left of this page you'll seeYou will then see a report with the title "Password Reset Enrollment By Verification".
  7. Click it to run the report.


Depending on the verification method that you are using, each instance may have different results shown for the report.